Payment Issues
Cash on Delivery
Here is a few ways to address an issue to Customer service:

  1. If you are a Desktop user, have a look to a green button in bottom right screen corner
  2. If you are a mobile device user, then you can go to Profile section and then tap on "Support" button
  3. Alternatively, write a letter to and please provide a problem you have faced along with Order_ID
Online order payment
When you pay for an order online, Acquiring puts required amount of funds on hold and continue to hold them until order is fulfilled or canceled

Payment could not be processed if:

  1. Payment credentials like cardholder name, card number, valid thru date and CVV were typed incorrectly
  2. The card does not have sufficient funds or credit to cover the transaction
  3. Card issuing bank has failed to accept or process transaction
  4. You unintentionally used the backspace key or refreshed the page while your bank was processing the transaction
  5. Your card has failed to meet a minimal security requirements level
  6. VPN was active during payment process

⚠️ To determine the reason for any unsuccessful payment endeavour we advise you to reach out your issuing bank