Delivery Information
Delivery Method

Purchases made on are delivered by couriers and handed directly to the recipient. When placing an order on, your cart may contain products from different sellers. In such cases, products from each seller will be delivered by separate couriers

For example, if you've placed an order from three different sellers, you will receive three separate couriers

Delivery Terms

Delivery to Dubai locations: within 1 hour

Delivery to different Emirates: within 1-2 days

Delivery to remote locations of the UAE may take up to 7 days

We strive to minimise any possible delays and deliver your package as quickly as possible. However, delivery time may be influenced by the operating hours of the seller where the order was placed (evening hours, weekends). In such cases, our manager will contact you to coordinate the delivery

Delivery Cost

Delivery cost is calculated automatically

It depends on delivery route length, number of stores from which items are being purchased

Also taken into account items number, their total cost, size and weight