Discover your item
Find the product you like or want to buy
Tools like catalog, search and various product sets are at your service
Explore the item details
Review a complete item description, have a look to Similar products in case you want something less pricey or in contrary, less cheap

Hit the "Add to Cart" button to continue a journey
If you are not quite ready yet, add item to Favorites to not lost this item and return to it later

After you hit the Add to Cart button, we will show a bottom sheet. If this item is only item you need, you can proceed to Cart. Otherwise you can change amount of items in cart Remove items in case of mis-click. Or simply continue continue to explore

Then go to Cart
Adjust your Cart
Cart gives a general understanding of what you going to buy, approximate delivery estimations and order total cost before personal discounts, they will be available on the Checkout

Have a thorough look to your Cart. Modify amount of items you are about to purchase. To remove item from Cart hit the "Remove" link. To change an amount, hit + or - buttons

If items are ready for order you can tap the "Set Delivery Options" button and proceed to Checkout
Set delivery details
When you make your first order the system will suggest you to login and set delivery address. This information is very important to continue the checkout process. While have not provided it further actions are unavailable. If you have a personal discount it will be also unavailable

After providing Delivery details you will be able to choose a convenient Delivery options, apply promo code and most important – place the order
Specify delivery address
Delivery address must be specified as correct as it possible. It can be accomplished in a two simple steps

1. Set delivery location
You can use text field to enter the address or move and scale map to find a spot. If you have specified location and "Next" button is still disabled, probably we are unable to deliver to that location

2. Set delivery address options
This step is completely optional, but you are allowed to specify a Building name, Apartment (Office, Villa) number, Delivery notes. You are also able to set a label for location. It comes convenient when you have a multiple delivery locations in one building

Thats it
Choose payment method
We offer two options for order payment:

1. Pay Online
Payment will be processed by Stripe in a secure way
You can use credit and debit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay
⚠️ Be sure to disable VPN before checkout

2. Cash on Delivery
Payment will be made upon delivery of the order
⚠️ Payment method is available for orders with total cast less than 1000AED

Please consider that Pay Online method is selected by default. If it does not work for you we suggest to switch to Cash on Delivery method manually
Place the Order
Here you can find the order summary, including its total cost
Below the order summary, you can enter a coupon if you have one

Click “Place order” at the bottom of the page to confirm your order. Your order will be processed. As soon as the courier collects the order you will receive an SMS notification with all information and a link to track the delivery

If certain items are out of stock, your order may be changed and the final cost will change accordingly