Return Policy

WEE offers a 14-day return period from the day the product has been delivered to you, as long as the product being returned is not part of our non-returnable list of products (list below), and as long as it meets our return policies (explained below)

For details on how to submit a return request and our return process, refer to the section at the end of this article

Which products can be requested for a Return?

You can submit a return request for a product as long it does not fall into the “Non-Returnable” list of products, explained above

You can return an item if you have received:

1. Wrong product

2. Product that is not as described on the site

3. Damaged product

4. Product that is found to be a counterfeit

For valid returns, please consider following:

1. Make sure the product is unused, in original unbroken packaging, including all tags

2. Do not open the product original packaging if you realised it is a wrong product, damaged, different from description or picture displayed, or if you suspect it is counterfeit

No-return conditions and List of non-returnable products

You can not return items from categories below unless the product was received damaged or if you received the wrong product. In this case, you are required to return the item unopened and in its original packaging

1. Products that are classified as hazardous materials or use flammable liquids or gases

2. Products that have been used by or damaged by the customer, or are not in the same original condition as you received them

3. Any consumable product which has been used or installed

4. Products with tampered or missing serial numbers or tags

5. Products that fall under specific categories, including:

5.1. Food and Beverages

5.2. Household Goods

5.3. Digital Books and Software

5.4. Swimwear

5.5. Hosiery and Socks

5.6. Underwear and Lingerie

5.7. Health products

5.8. Contact Lenses

5.9. Hygiene related and personal care products and certain baby products (e.g. tethers, diapers, hygiene tissues, feeding related products)

5.10. Music, Video Media (DVD/CD/Blu-ray, etc…) and Video Games

5.11. Music Albums

5.12. Books

5.13. Beauty & Fragrances

5.14. Or any product not from the above categories but still displaying a No-return policy

How to submit a Return request?

1. Submit your return request

If you wish to return your order, you must submit to us a request for the return of the delivered Goods within fourteen (14) days of receiving the Goods ordered by you through the WEE chat available on or by sending a request to Tell us the reason for the refund. Attach a photo of the product and its packaging

2. Initial Decision

Your return request is electronically reviewed by the merchant you bought the item from

if Rejected: if you think your return request is valid, you can communicate with the WEE customer service the WEE chat available on or by sending a request to

if Approved: this will be an initial approval until we collect the item from you to send it back to the merchant for physical inspection. Check Step 3/4/5 below

3. Product Collection:

WEE will contact you to schedule a time to pick up the product from you and deliver it back for the Merchant you bought it from. Delivery is carried out without commission

4. Merchant Review and Decision

The merchant will physically inspect the returned item

If Rejected: if you think your return request is valid, you can communicate with the WEE customer service the WEE chat available on or by sending a request to

If approved: you will be notified by email

5. Refund

If you pay by electronic means (e.g., by credit or debit card), the refund will be processed and reflected on the same card used for payment

When you pay with cash on delivery, the refund will be processed and transferred to your account details, which you will pass to support as part of the settlement